Journal «Kazan University Law Review» is among the leading Russian periodicals.

Journal aim is to create a professional platform for discussion of complex problems of legal science and practice.

Journal goals

1. To publicize new results of perspective and vital scientific researches, that have an essential meaning in development of legal science and practice.
2. To provide for international and interregional scientific coordination functions of precise, qualitative and timely publication of authors’ scientific work results.
3. To develop the legal doctrine.
4. To design recommendations for judicial and other legal practice.
5. To create an environment of openness and accessibility of wide spread of scientific work results of PhD students.
6. To form a constant firm interest in the journal among scientific and teaching community, representatives of judicial and attorney society, young and beginning scholars. To support a growing need in the journal among professional community of different regions of Russia and foreign countries.

Editorial policy is premised on providing a clear focus on the specific object and at the same time - on paying attention on interconnections of problems of different branches of law.

Editorial council consists of leading scholars and experts of international and national level in the sphere of international and constitutional law, civil and criminal procedural law, environmental and labor law, representatives of governmental authorities.

Journal readership consists of researchers, experts, practicing lawyers, judges, students of universities and a wide range of readers interested in legal problems both in Russia and abroad.

«Kazan University Law Review» - is a scientific-practical journal, issued since 2016, published four times a year in English language, journal volume - 20 printed sheets.

Electronic data backup

The journal's plan for electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content is via Scientific Electronic Library elibrary.ru in the event a journal is no longer published. The journal deposits publications in multiple digital archives to guarantee long-term digital preservation.

These include HeinOnline and Cyberleninka (in process).

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