DOI: 10.30729/2541-8823-2019-4-2-90-103

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Oktay Firuddin Efendiyev
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Abstract:As shipping still plays a central role in world trade, and geographic location is also of great political and economic importance, the article discusses not only the main problems of states that do not have access to high seas, but also their current issues, their significance and role in the difficult conditions of globalization of international economic relations. At the same time the author describes some problems related to the difficulties in improving transit-transport legal relations and the customs system of this group of countries. Although the lack of access to the sea creates certain problems, they are not insoluble ones as geographic factors are only one aspect of the issue. There could be practical solutions, including integrated approaches to the creation of transit corridors or general regional integration, legislation reforms, fundamental institutional and administrative changes. The article substantiates the active advancing of foreign economic cooperation and partnership of all states on a mutually beneficial, equal and civilized basis.

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Information about the author
Oktay Firuddin Efendiyev (Baku, Azerbaijan) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (6 Istiglaliyyat Street, Baku, 1001, Azerbaijan; e-mail:

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Efendiyev O.F. Trade and economic issues of landlocked states and their international legal regulation. Kazan University Law Review. 2019; 4 (2): 90–103. DOI: 10.30729/2541- 8823-2019-4-2-90-103

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