DOI: 10.30729/2541-8823-2019-4-2-114-122

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Vladimir Koval
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Director of Law Institute of Sevastopol State University

Abstract:In the article, the author addresses very significant issues of regulation of the emergence and functioning of merchant shipping. The article analyses the activities of the legal section of All-Russian Congress of Sea Pilots on August 1, 1923 in Petrograd and outlines the development of shipping globally. The author is concerned with the current difficult situation with the domestic system of commercial shipping, which has not fully recovered in recent years. Fixed assets of the merchant sea and river fleet in Russia are old and in need of serious renovation. The issue of an objective need to improve the legal regulation of maritime interstate relations and to improve the legal regime of the seas and oceans in Russia and on the international level is also discussed in the article. The author shows the history of creating the legislation and regulations of merchant shipping, suggests the causative factors and possible ways of renovation.

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Information about the author
Vladimir Koval (Sevastopol, Russia) – Doctor of Legal Sciences Director of Law Institute of Sevastopol State University (33 Universitetskaya St., Sevastopol, 299053, Russia; e-mail:

Recommended citation
Koval V.N. Basic aspects of legal regulation of merchant shipping. Kazan University Law Review. 2019; 4 (2): 114–122. DOI: 10.30729/2541-8823-2019-4-2-114-122

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